Obligatory happy ending

Wagner passes the facility routine, becomes stabilized on psychotropics and finally gets permission from the doctor to leave the unit.
Wagner is given his discharge packet and is told by the social worker to "take it to the street, asshole."
Typically, the mentally ill are discharged from a psych hospital, put on a Greyhound bus and sent somewhere far, far away.
(There is actually a migratory pattern for the mentally ill being shuffled around the country. Ride Greyhound, find out for yourself!)
Wagner is taken in by a kind family.

The kid promises to feed him and pick up after him... let's only hope that they remember to give him his meds!

-- Gail Wade

Deuce of Clubs thanks Gail for putting Wagner on the road to recovery! (Not to mention for scanning the photos & HTMLing these pages! Except for this part, duh.)

Speaking of on the road, tomorrow morning (1 June 1998), Wagner goes on another road: the road to Cairo, Egypt, courtesy of Deuce of Clubs correspondent Tim Hansen.