Day-twah Vogg-nah
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On the other side of the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit is the Canadian town of Windsor. The pizza sucks over there. But you can see the Michigan Central Railroad Station from there, so that's a good view to go with your shitty Canadian pizza.

The Canadian border dork asked why we were coming to Canada. We said pizza. He said, sarcastically, "You didn't come all the way from Arizona to try our pizza, now, did you?" No, we didn't. Good thing, too, cos your pizza blows.

I had run out of shirts that day, so I was wearing a ludicrously patriotic t-shirt I got at a Detroit thrift store with the intention of detourning it into something anti-.

Instead, there I was, clomping around Canada looking like some jingo bastard a-hole moron.


Update, sep2004: Here's what the shirt looks like now & but for the lack of a Sharpie would've looked like then.
Freedom Note: When you're coming back to Detroit across the bridge into The Land of the Free & the border goon asks you, "What is the purpose of your trip?" you don't want to say "tourism." You will receive extra going over because no one on either side of the border believes that anyone would come to Detroit just to look at it. When we told him we'd been just driving around Detroit for days taking pictures of abandoned buildings, I thought we might get strip-searched. Who's to say Detroit can't be a tourist destination? People go to look at ruins in Greece and Egypt.
There must have been an era when Windsorites were intimidated by the big city across the river.

Now they're like, "Dude -- I can totally see THROUGH that building."

More Michigan Central Railroadiana:

The next day we saw a bunch of cops in ill-fitting uniforms klatsching in front of the Michigan Central Railroad Station.

It's rumored that the old railroad station is to become the new headquarters of the Detroit PD; maybe they were checking that their curtain patterns would match or whatever. The whole time we were in Detroit these might have been the only Detroit cops we ever saw. Cops know how to keep out of danger. (I doubt you'd catch them near this railroad station at night.)


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