Day-twah Vogg-nah
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More views from atop the Penobscot:
The Belle Isle Bridge & Belle Isle --
Belle Isle is a giant park of an island, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 19th century. There are fireflies there, enough of a forest that you can forget there's a giant city beside you, and large floating objects knocking against the breakers at night that can make you think they're the corpses of murder victims.
The People Mover (a.k.a., "The Train That Goes Nowhere"), a subsidized boondoggle that runs a short distance through downtown Detroit, providing splendid views of abandoned buildings, graffiti, & squatters' quarters.
The ancient Aztecs used to perform human sacrifices atop the Guardian building.
The Ambassador Bridge, gateway to lousy Canadian pizza and a lack of urban blight to look at. We stayed only long enough to choke down our pizza.
I seem to have become obsessed with the Michigan Central Railroad Station.


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