After eating, we made for a secret destination. Lady Kathy wouldn't reveal where we were headed or what we were going to do. Few are those in whom Gottfried would place such trust.

We ended up at a place called:

The Red Room.

(Note: not "REDRUM." Thank you.)

The Red Room is a former garage turned into a 60s/70s revival hell by lounge host and proprietor R. "Dis" Mantler.

We entered to the accompaniment of "Night Fever." Yep. The Bee Gees.

Wagner immediately led us to the bar, where we sucked down Martinis, Stingers, and whatever else Mantler could concoct.

In due course the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack gave way to the sounds of a pirate radio station transmitting from "within five hundred yards" of The Red Room (according to an unnamed source). FCC Be Damned!

Mantler shows Wagner how to have a ball.
As you feared: yes, those are KISS action figures.
Wagner makes...
...the rounds.
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