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Just inside the door, a fire-damaged feline attempts to hide the scars behind a jauntily-angled straw hat: " I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!"

[A few moments pass]

"Oh. Wait. I am an animal. Never mind."

There is so little of the make nice in the Jen-Jen Safari Club animal kingdom. On the whole it is an inter-species, intraspecies battle royale to the frozen-in-taxidermy death.
Now, this is stage-diving as it ought to be.

Wish we'd asked them to turn on the disco ball.

There was barely a soul in the place outside our little alcoholic raiding party. A shame, really. If I lived within straggling distance of the Safari Club, I'd just bag it and move in permanently. Surely they would need someone to stand watch over the animals and keep them from, I don't know, eating each other, burning their heads on the light fixtures, whatever, no?

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