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Next Wagner

Wagner poses with his imp.

Now see Crystal Wag in a different light...

Crystal Wagner

Babs invited Wagner out today for a secret surprise.

And surprised he was. She treated him to a tribute. A rare tribute. When it was done, he found himself enshrined in miniature. In crystal. In freaking 3D!

Does Wagner like tributes? YEAH he does. Jawohl. Ja, even.

[Note: Clearer photos will be added as soon as I figure out a cool way to light them.]

[Update, 23dec02: Okay, here's a first shot at it.]

Does Babs know how to present? In both senses of the word, Ach du mein lieber Gott indeed by Jove, Jawohl.

( ¡Muchisimas gracias a mi amiga abundante, Babs! )