Wagner on Mars!

or, And You Thought Capricorn One Was A Fake

12:32 a.m., 25 August 1997 (152nd anniversary of the birth of LUDWIG II; 152 +1 = the number of FISHES the disciples pulled from the LAKE; Ludwig went out of his HEAD & was drowned in a LAKE; Nietzsche went out of his HEAD, too; and Wagner had a large HEAD--what does it all mean?!?), a communication is received from a certain Katarn (evidently either a high-ranking NASA official or--possibly--one of THEM?), containing hitherto (a Nietzschean word) COVERED-UP evidence of WAGNERIAN GLORIES in the heavens & hinting at a GOVERNMENT COVERUP so great as to dwarf the one on that commercial where they find out it was actually cigarettes that killed MARTIAN CIVILIZATION.

Well, maybe what killed Martian civilization is what killed poor Nietzsche. But let's get to the heart of all this, shall we? It's late & I need to get some sleep eventually so I can finish my Burning Man preparations. (For one thing, now I need to bring along a TELESCOPE!)

Here is the communication I received, followed by the EVIDENCE itself. (Note: In order to protect those involved, I quote only a portion of the e-mail. However, the CRUCIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE is displayed IN FULL.)

Dear Deuce of Clubs,
I have never before released this picture but since I have ascertained that you are a loyal Wagner fan I'm sending you a copy for your viewing and/or publishing on the WWW. I'm sure the implications of this picture will be sufficiently clear to you. . . .
[Sensitive portions deleted -- ed.]
Here is the shocking evidence of rampant WAGNERISM ON MARS:
For the sake of HISTORY and FUTURE HISTORIANS (be they earthbound or EXTRATERRESTRIAL), I record here my response to this momentous revelation:
Well, Katarn, this is PUZZLING EVIDENCE indeed! Who knew that the face on mars would turn out to belong to The Old Boy? I begin to understand why he wears that perpetual smirk--what mortal could resist, being worshipped not only on earth but in the heavens? (Oops--did I say mortal?)

One wonders what shadowy cabal must be conspiring to keep this revelation from the public! I shall add this photo to my site ASAP (if not tonight, then not for a couple of weeks, because i'm headed for burning man).

In closing, Wagner wishes me to convey his thanks for bringing this welt-shaking discovery to his attention.
On a personal note, I would like to convey to you the blame for having given Herr W a reason for swelling his already massive head.

Hochste Lust!
Deuce of Clubs