First Annual ArtKar WestFest 1997
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After the closing down of WestFest, we headed for a cool art space where Chicken John was performing his game show "Wheel of Misfortune," flanked by two of the elusive magical Doggie Heads.

It was really too dark for a photo, but I had to take one anyway--I missed two separate photo ops with the Doggie Heads at WestFest, & was very happy to find them here.

Here's a photo Paul de Valera sent me, showing the Dinner Dogs' visit to WestFest.

(You can also see the Dinner Dogs at Burning Man 96!)

After the show (& a preview showing of Chuck Cirino's 1997 Burning Man video), I spied this car outside--I'd seen it the day before in the lower Haight as we drove by & wished I could get a photo of the sticker in its rear window. So that night there were two photo op saves. We chatted with the owner(s?), a young woman & her brother who was tinkering underneath the car. From there to Patti's, to sleep, and to AZ.