Harrod Blank & Philo Northrup hang with the W
(Notice Harrod's ultracool top hat & tie, both made from photo flash cubes that lit randomly.)
Burford earned a dollar by talking this woman into coming over to be photographed. It was really a pretext to see if I could get her to ride in the parade. It's two days before the parade, after all, & I've still got an empty hood. Turns out she knows Kathy. (Who doesn't know Kathy in this town?) To be honest, I can't remember what came of the hood-riding offer. There was free beer.
Here's "Criffy" and his Pez-covered car. (Turns out I wasn't the only one who submitted less-than-candid photos with his official parade application.)
Theresa, Karl, Kelly, and Scott tie the one-hour knot under the aegis of Our Lady of Internal Combustion. Kelly's plaster bouquet should look familiar. (Fortunately, she didn't perform the traditional bouquet toss.)

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