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Welcome to the online home of Whip It! -- the Herb Alpert Whipped Cream & Other Delights Art Car

Description of Whip It!'s recurring mechanical troubles

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Houston ArtCar Weekend '97 || Whip It!'s construction & debut. Also the debut of the first Whip It! Girl. Mini-FAQ:
Things Whip It! Was Not Named After...

A Dog

A Devo song
("Whip It")

A Nitrous Canister

Whipped Cream Stablizer

Fester! WestFest '97 || Art Cars in San Francisco, Spaceship Kenny (Oakland), Bottle Village, and a visit with Henry Hill.
SoCal Circle Trip || Salvation Mountain, Roy Rogers Museum, Exotic World (Strippers Museum), & the Mojave Phone Booth. Whip It's 1st Breakdown.
More SoCal || Space Age Lodge, Center of the World, Desert Tower, Watts Towers, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Struckus House, Wadlow Skeleton, Integratron, Spaceship Kenny (Palm Springs). No towing (can you believe it?), but one exploding tire.
Trailer Trashing || Whip It! visits Bisbee & the Shady Dell Trailer Park.
Whipped Cream ArtBike || Whip It! was in no shape to make it to Burning Man `97, so a two-wheeled substitute had to be fashioned.
Houston ArtCar Weekend '98 || Another major breakdown for Whip It! ... in fact, many, repeated breakdowns. Mechanics across this great land of ours throw their hands in the air, saying, "I've never even HEARD of a car doing that!"
Burning Man 98 || Now, this is funny. Or rather, this is funny ... now. To get from Tempe to the Black Rock Desert took Whip It! FOUR DAYS. The last day was the best -- sunup to sundown to go about a hundred miles. Your payoff? More Whip It! girls! And more towing. Maybe you're into that sort of thing.
ArtCarFest98 || Still more towing. Whip It! had to be left in the Bay Area, from which she has yet to return. Also includes the Tonga Room, Wagner's installation at the California Academy of Science, and the ever-disgusting Meat Parade (Veget-Aryans rule!).
A Whipped Cream Halloween || Contemporary vaudevillian Serene Dominic incorporates Whipped Cream themes into his Halloween stage act. It is scary.
Reunion || Whip It! Girl #1, Felicia, visits Phoenix and by pure coincidence, we encounter a niece of the Original Whipped Cream Girl, Dolores Erickson!
German Art Car Poetry || "In order to live it up automobilistic, they build driving works of art."