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When we last left Whip It! and my phone booth (not the Mojave Phone Booth -- that's another story), they were cruising toward the Bay Area, for a docking at Bigrig World Headquarters.

Whip It! docked, and I flew back to Arizona. The plan had originally been to drive Whip It! back to Arizona. But there were two problems. Whip It! wasn't looking like she much wanted to drive back to Arizona. And she definitely didn't have room to tote my phone booth back there. Consequently, weeks later, I was driving a rented van to San Francisco. I wasn't positively sure the booth would fit into the van. But it had to -- what else was it going to do?

On the way to San Francisco, I got too tired to keep driving, so I stopped at a newly-remodeled Motel 6 in Los Baños.

Somehow ended up in a handicapped room. It was interesting. Especially the baño. The sink was higher than the one in my place back home.

But the shower chair was pretty low.

And at least they put the door viewer at wheelchair height.

I turned on the TV in time to see Marv Albert making his reappearance into public life, on the Letterman show. I'm pretty sure the band played "Dude Looks Like a Lady." I wonder what Marv thought of that...

In the morning, I headed for the Bay Area and a reunion with Whip It! and the phone booth (which had been brought from Burning Man to the SOMAR gallery by James & crew).