Whip It! was not as cooperative as my booth. She was still stuck at Bigrig, & wouldn't start. I couldn't stand the thought of Art Car Fest going on without her.
Through the kindness of Scout (& Scout's AAA membership), Whip It! was towed to SOMAR in the rain.
As we were waiting for the tow truck, a guy and his family stopped and stared silently at Whip It! for a while.
"I got high with Herb Alpert in Maui," he said finally.

What kind of a response am I supposed to have to that? "Well ... next time you see him, tell him about my car," I said.

"I don't know him now. I only knew him then," he said.

Photo by Max
It wasn't quite as exciting as the time the two women pulled up alongside Whip It! and claimed that one of them was the niece of the actual album cover model. It wasn't even as exciting as finding out the mechanic who worked on Whip It! in Sparks, Nevada had jammed with Herb.

But it was something.