Wagner got to meet Lizz.
This was especially exciting for him because she had in tow her companion, Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces.
Lizz recommended the biography The Queen of Cay. Read this excerpt from a review and you will see why:
Marion ``Joe'' Carstairs was heiress to the Standard Oil fortune and clearly predestined to eccentricity. . . By the 1920s she had seen the battlefield and the barroom, found her identity as a heavy-smoking, tattooed lesbian, distinguished herself as a record-breaking speedboat racer, and become the self-fashioned ruler of Whale Cay, a small Bahamian island she purchased with her considerable personal fortune. Any one of these might have made her unique; the combination made her positively fascinating. In a life ``powered by her money, Joe lifted herself clear of censure by dint of nerve and speed. She lived and loved relentlessly, visibly, and famously. (The Windsors, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich were but a few of her cohorts.) But somewhere within was a heart the beat only for Lord Tod Wadley, a leather-faced, Steiff doll of a man to whom she was unendingly devoted. Their personalities were bizarrely entwined.