What Will Become of Whip It!?
A Call for Ideas

Whip It!'s final disposition is in question. I'm considering all offers here.

Whip It! got booted out of Pier 26 by snooty-ass tenants. Then Kip & Spanky rescued her & put her in Kip's back yard. Then the city of San Jose booted her out of there, and she was rescued yet again, this time by Lorne. I don't even know where she's being stored! But wherever it is, I know she can't stay there forever.

I'm not a mechanic, so getting her in shape myself is out of the question. Finding her a good home would be my first choice, but it's up to you:

What will become of Whip It!?

Will Whip It!:

. . . survive to continue her travels under the aegis of someone else (either intact or in a different incarnation -- say, as a low rider)?

Or will Whip It!:

. . . remain drydocked somewhere, or in some junkyard -- never to ride again?

Or will Whip It! perhaps:

. . . be transformed into something "useful" (which is to say, be crushed into a coffee table or something)?
You make the call. Or, make the e-mail -- and make an offer or offer an idea!

This way for the story of Whip It!'s rescues!