If you're gonna drive an art car from Arizona to Nevada, first you gotta give yourself a reasonable chance to get there. That's where desert mechanic Jersey Stan comes in.
He's always embarrassed of having anyone see him when he test drives Whip It!, but I snapped this photo as I trailed him in Sylvie (at his request -- he was afraid, not unreasonably, that she might break down during the test drive).
Stan likes to play it off as if he hates Whip It!, but from time to time he brings up the possibility of driving his flatbed up to the Bay Area (where she's currently staying via Lorne's good graces) to bring her back to the desert where she belongs.
A man, a plan, a sledgehammer: Stan!
Stan stopped ragging on me about my art car when I started ragging on him about burying old car parts all over his property and pouring concrete memorials over them, with bits of history, dates, and jokes scratched into the concrete.
Stan's the man who lent me the metal stamp kit that would enable me to make the official plaque for the Mojave Phone Booth.
And it was Stan who took this photo of my Michael Jordan impression.

Whip It! seemed to be in fine working order, so it was off to Burning Man.