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The Hairy Larvae Book Signing, Part II

We later heard that Larry Harvey himself witnessed his book signing. It turned out to be true, as you can see in this photo taken by Bethany from the Motorized Living Room during the signing. Must be a little like seeing one's own funeral. I'll bet he sent an aide to find out whether he'd hired a ghost writer he'd forgotten about.

Photo by Bethany
The Faithful awaiting audience with Der Larry.

Burford overheard "Two hippies at the book signing seriously complaining, `How can I ask Mr. Harvey about putting my father's ashes in the Man if you won't allow me to speak while in his presence?'"

Biggs Wasco remembered: "After the booksigning, I heard someone ask if LARRY was going to sign any more books."

Tom heard a few people ask, "Who's Larry Harvey?"

Ahhh. True gratification.

Photo by Bethany
(See also: [the real] Larry Harvey signs a copy Mein Camp while being picketed in Portland; Mein Camp shows up in the documentary Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock.)