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Protest time. Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man, was giving a speech at the Portland Museum. We were there.
Rob the Wop made Burning Bucks which he told people would get them $20 off admission to Burning Man and he tried to sell stock in Burning Man to people going into the museum, everybody seemed confused. We tried to hand out books but most people were confused, I passed out the Freedom of Mind pages I had printed out and informed people going in that it was cult and urged people not to attend bman this year.
We were there, folks were puzzled, security was both. But what were they gonna do?
Larry Harvey came out to see what was the fuss was about. When he saw that it was about him, he seemed pleased.
Harvey signed a copy of Mein Camp (from the Hairy Larvae book signing), complimenting the design (thank you), saying he had a couple of copies at home. (This is the same Mein Camp that debuted at Burning Man 99.) He didn't have the Larry Harvey Speaks that Ted Casino designed, so I gave him one.

Max was like a mastiff, peppering the guy with question after question and reaming him.


[Gave him guff] ...for taking away the Disgruntled Postal Workers guns and banning tiki torches due to some asshole bman organizer burning his own tent down, and banning fireworks - that was just ridiculous. Plus that it would be a good idea to just sell out to Pepsi cuz it would be organized better and we’d get free t-shirts or ice cream. He agreed and played along. Mostly he tried to bore us to death with his standard long winded answers.

About the guns all I caught was something about a "controlled community" before I phased out due to sheer boredom, I mentioned something about the controlled community of Compton and he seemed confused, I then said "bohemians are usually responsible gun owners don’tcha think?"

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