Fake Wagner distracts Larry Harvey, while Tom propagandizes from behind.

Max asked Harvey about Dr. Cliff, and he said, "The dentist? All I know is I wouldn't want him to work on my teeth any time soon!" But I told Max later that, man, somebody should work on those teeth! They were yellow and all over the place! I mean, I'm not anti-Harvey the way some of the others may be (I think anything that attracts more than a few thousand is going to be ruined automatically, no matter how you try to stop it), but really -- put some of those Burning Man dollars to good use!

(I'll bet Dr. Cliff would be happy to volunteer to work on Harvey's mouth, eh Dr.?)

The plan succeeds: Max gloats over her handiwork while Larry holds forth with his Hitlerified self on his back.

Sure, it's on the level of a "KICK ME" sign, but what do you want? We're stunted and immature.

Sadly, a museum flunky peels off the Mein Camp sticker as she leads Larry inside.
But that's okay; the photo later turned up in Burning Man's only alternative newspaper, Piss Clear -- reward enough for any taker of blurry photos.

And one of my Mein Camp books ended up in a Burning Man documentary.