An anti-Burning Man pamphlet printed up by a Portland Cacophony Society member.
A museum director came out and told us to remove the B. Dalton-style book pyramid we had set up on a pillar in front of the museum.

She kept repeating, "Gee, everyone thinks you're just grrrrreeeeaat, really funny & everything. but ... we really need you to move the display off museum property." She said it could be on the sidewalk, which is taxpayer property. But we thought the Portland Museum was taxpayer property...

Well, we were leaving soon anyway. I replaced the book pyramid with a sign I snatched from Burgerville's newspaper box: "Spot the Spoof!" Which your average Art Doyenne has no chance of being able to do.

We saw the same museum woman waddling down the sidewalk after that. I bullhorned her to please refrain from waddling on taxpayer property. She did not comply, and waddled away.

When a couple of bored protesters began batting a copy of Mein Camp back & forth, we knew it was time to go & search for gypsy graves.