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To my wonderful wife, Dixie

Who I know will take this book and use it to the greatest advantage, and because I know she is the greatest cook in the world. Thank you for all the outstanding meals you have fixed so far as I know they [sic?] will be many more of them in the future.

Love your husband,

P.S. It's going to more than a pleasure to sit down at the table to one of your fantastic cooked meals!!!!

Fond don't

"Love your husband" -- nice Freudian imperative there, Weldon. No wonder Dixie cried her eyes out all over your stupid dedication. (Next time, remember the comma).

Ever hear that song, "How Lovely Cooks the Meat?" In its literal sense it applies perfectly to Weldon-ish, old-school meatheads; in its non-literal sense, to something else entirely...



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