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Loveline's Adam Carolla and Drew Pinsky

While in Tucson, I went to see Loveline at the UofA. I bet Carita that some nut in the audience was bound to scream either "I love you, Adam" or "I love you, Drew" within eleven minutes. Carita believed it would be closer to two minutes. I won. Dollar to me, wahoo.

Carita brought along a postcard to taunt her Arizona-hating -- but Carolla-loving -- sister.

Carita finagled Adam into scribbling a commentary on her sister's talking smack about Arizona: "How dare you!"

Dr. Drew's comment has no reference to Arizona, but that's not surprising; neither Drew nor Adam even looked at the front of the postcard. It could have been any postcard. It could have been a Precious Moments postcard. It is a shame that it was not.

Adam and Drew express joy at the tidings of my dollar winnings. "Wahoo," say Adam and Drew. Or was it, "I love you, Wagner?" Actually, "Who is it?" is what Drew said, and I said, "Wagner," and one of the Student Association goons said, "Wagner," only she pronounced it incorrectly, Space Ghost-style, so I had to get huffy and stalk away. It's one of the things a person has to do who consents to haul around Wagner. (Note Hannah's postcard.)

As we walked away, I heard someone whisper, "He had them sign his BUST!"

My bust? No. What am I , some kind of weirdo?

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