We decided to head to Cabazon to have breakfast (lunch, really) at the Wheel Inn (where, of course, parts of Pee Wee's Big Adventure were filmed).
This is one of the most dishonest advertisements I've ever seen. (And that's saying something.) This billboard advertises a casino! If they really want you to win, all they have to do is shift the odds from the house's favor to yours!
We were dismayed to find that Denny's and Burger King -- a pox on them both! -- had built franchises right next door to the dinosaurs.
If you value American folk landmarks, I beg you, DO NOT STOP AT THIS DENNY'S OR THIS BURGER KING! Why not visit the Wheel Inn instead? Does Burger King have any dinosaurs? No, they're just blocking the highway's-eye view of the dinosaurs! Does Denny's have bags of water nailed to the ceiling? No, and a good thing, too! But skip it, anyway!
The Payphone Project's been a little slow at adding numbers lately, so I'll just add the Wheel Inn payphone numbers right here: