Whip It! The Herb Alpert Whipped Cream & Other Delights Art Car
is now offered FREE to good home!

Deuce of Clubs sadly (yet hopefully) announces:

The Herb Alpert Whipped Cream & Other Delights Art Car, which has been marooned for a while now in San Jose, must now pass out of my possession.

But the good news is:
My loss = Some lucky bastard's gain

This car (a 1962 Chevy Biscayne) is offered FREE OF CHARGE to a good home. What I'm hoping is that someone will use this car as a canvas and transform Whip It! into an entirely new art car of some sort. Or maybe a low rider.

You can see the travels, adventures, & misadventures of Whip It! at: http://www.deuceofclubs.com/whip_it.htm

Whip It! is currently in San Jose and must be claimed this weekend (March 8th-9th), so there's time for neither hemming nor hawing!

Here's all the official-type info I've been sending in response to inquiries:


Hello! and thank you for your interest in the free Whip It! Art Car

Surprisingly (or not, I don't know), a number of parties are interested. Therefore, our special ad hoc advisory panel will have to make an executive selection.

Here are some considerations that may winnow the field some (or not, I don't know):

+=+= Things for me to tell you +=+=

** Whip It! is street legal and has a clear title, waiting to be signed over to you.

** Whip It! has been sitting for a couple of years, so her glittering ball gown of album covers is now in post-midnight-pumpkin condition. (But this should not matter, since you will be transforming the car in accordance with your own perverse artistic whims, not mine.)

** Given that Whip It! has been sitting for a couple of years, getting it running is likely to take some work. So initially, unless you are a grease monkey genius, you will need to tow it away. (To clarify: Do not count on your monkey geniushood; plan on towing it.)

** Keeping it running might be a challenge. It has had a persistent problem with the distributor shaft pin. You can read about this at http//www.deuceofclubs.com/problem.htm. Other than that, she ran like a champ (better, in fact, than any other car I've ever had).

** You *must* (that's *must*) remove Whip It! from the property where it currently rests by the 25th of February. This is 100% non-negotiable, no way, no how.

If none of the preceding daunts you, then

+=+= Things for you to tell me +=+=

** Please describe how you will transform Whip It!

** Do you have a website? If so, what is the url?

** Can I count on you 100% to remove the car by the 25th of February? That's a very short time from now, but that's the deadline we have to deal with.

** Can I count on you to document your experiences with the car (photos, travelogues, whatnot) for inclusion at deuceofclubs.com? (I just can't let my poor Whip It! disappear from my life -- not to mention my website -- completely, now, can I?)

Please send your response ASAP.

Thank you, and good luck!
Bereaved Whip It! giver-awayer