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A while back (yes, I'm way behind) I heard from Swanee LeMorte, Wrestling Legend -- and fellow Matt Gerson fan, who found the time to insert the head of Gerson into various historical/cultural situations. Good Lord, I was thinking, "Who in the world would spend that kind of time on Matt Gerson?"

Besides me, I mean...

The answer, obviously, is: Swanee LeMorte!

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001
From: Swanee LeMorte
Subject: Matt Gerson- Professional Film Critic and More

What a site! I read with interest your pages dedicated to Matt Gerson -- Professional Film Critic. I, too, have felt the profound impact of Gerson. But there is so much more to his contribution to society. For example, Matt has said that 7 of 8 members of the Florida Supreme court were Democrat appointees. Dumb me, I thought that the Florida Supreme Court only had 7 members but I looked for a photo of the court and found the attached. From that point forward, I was hooked and, by using sophisticated internet search engines have come up with over 50 images revealing Matt's impact on this and other generations. Your contribution is obvious. You got me started looking for Matt info. I've enjoyed your site and hope that these images might bring a little joy into your obviously dim and twisted life.

The Killer Swan

I have since received corroborative evidence of Gerson's true significance from yet another source. Accordingly, I have established the Matt Gerson Gallery for the purpose of offering the public an opportunity to examine these cultural artifacts for signs of the greatness and influence of GERSON. Enjoy, be enlightened, click "NEXT" already, willya?