Cream Team 2: Art Car Weekend 98
After the parade, there assembled a convocation of art cartists at a local Mexican restaurant. Kathleen (Love23) applauded Felicia for parading on the hood in the rain. To me she said, "You should marry her, Deuce -- if she'll have you!"

Felicia answered for me. "He already did," she said, flashing her gum wrapper ring so quickly that all you could see was a glint. All at once there were congratulations all around, toasts, and the clinking of silverware on glasses. Marilyn DreamPeace (Graffiti Beemer) took it so seriously that we finally had to tell her the truth. (I think this, in the end, is what scotched the rumor. Damn.)

At the news of the wedding, Harrod (lower left) just kept shaking his head.
(Speaking of Harrod, allow me to recommend his tasteful and touching video, Driving the Dream. You can get it by calling (510) 841-4128. Call as soon as you log off!)