Cream Team 2: Art Car Weekend 98

Sunday: The Orange Show Brunch

Here's Whip It! at the Orange Show (that's Alien Bug Scott holding Wagner). Yeah, Whip It!'s hood is up again. I was going to have to take her to a mechanic first thing Monday. Instead, Bob Sokol, of (there's another link at the end of this story), came to the rescue. We went to Pep Boys & got an O-ring for the distributor shaft. The theory was that its lack was allowing the shaft to shimmy, enough to snap the pin.

Sunday night Felicia took me to a strange and enjoyable place called Marfreless, to get mechanical troubles off my mind. It worked.

Monday morning, I set out for home. Not easy to do. Houston's quite a place. (Phoenix has nothing like No tsu oh or Marfreless.)