I think Felicia deserves an award for braving the elements in her abbreviated costume.

Hence: The Official Cream Team Two trophy.
What is that stuff?

Whipped Cream & Other Delights album (one of two that were on the hood; the combination of heat from the engine and rain from the parade started it peeling); roses (on either side of the car during the parade); 8-Balls (from Whip It!'s rear-view mirror); trimmed photo (of Felicia's 98 performance); ring (got two 'cos I thought I lost one--Wagner had it in his bag, the interloper); Josta cap (that's classified, Bub); Barbasol can (duh).
Thanks to:

  • Felicia, for being game
  • PBGT, for the funky bandaids
  • Bones & Kathy for bailing me out
  • Bob Sokol, for helping me out
  • Whip It! mechanics scattered throughout the great Southwest
  • God, for getting me home
  • Everyone who made Art Car Weekend a blast!

Hey! Did you take photos of Whip It! during Art Car Weekend '98 (or any other time, for that matter)? Want to display them here? Contact Deuce of Clubs.