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Parker Brothers' official explanation of oobi

It's a little difficult to read, so here it is. Even when you can read it, it's a little difficult to read ... or take (depending upon what one thinks of hippy-lovey stuff):

oobi is a message center for conveying your written thoughts to other human beings. oobi has no home, no owner, but is forever going somewhere, on his way, in transit, never dying. oobi counts on the kindness of strangers to journey him ["journey" as a transitive verb?] towards his destination, but only the person to whom oobi is addressed may open him. When he is finally broken open, it is only to free oobi's spirit.

You may buy oobi, but you never "own" oobi. You buy oobi to make him free.

oobi is love

oobi is what, now?