Thrillville, U.S.A., a tiny, decrepit theme park on I-5 outside of Salem. ("I think the `theme' is `Lameness,'" said Max.)

Atop the sign is Thrill Man. Why he looks like Tiny Tim we couldn't find out.

Psychic Moment Two: I told Max that there was so much white trash that all that was lacking was Bob Seger, singing "Old Time Rock & Roll."

Moments later, from the park loudspeakers: yes. The very song starts up (there was no music playing before).

There was supposed to be a Weinermobile at Thrillville (not the Oscar Mayer one). But it wasn't there.
We bought some tickets and went on the small rollercoaster. It was pretty fun, if you kept your eyes off the loose bolts and rust.

After the ride, Max & I looked around, looked at each other, and simultaneously said, "NOW what?" We had just done Thrillville.