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Autographed copies of Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth are now available!

Subject: salutations!

Have been entertaining myself with your webpage. Andrea (my boss, remember?) and I were just laughing over some of the links...

Thanks again for the opportunity to strain my bladder for 4 hours, singe my leghairs on the hood of the whipped cream mobile, and contract malaria from the bayou mosquitoes in downtown houston. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!! Name the date and I will be there. Really. No, really...I'm serious!

Andrea's husband saw us for an instant on CNN.


From: Cathy Marshall
Subject: TWANG!

I love the transcript. I had wondered if I had a complete set of TWANG flavors, since nearly every convenience store has at most two out of the three. And I've never seen TWANG anywhere but Texas, despite what the TWANG spokesmodel told you. I have, however, seen TWANG's competitor (can't remember the name just now) in California. Haven't really done an extensive survey of the convenience stores in AZ and NM, although I do like to hang around in convenience stores (such a compact representation of all petty human vices -- cheap beer, Night Train Express (winner of best packaging for a wine), cigs, soft porn, snax, & so on).

Me, I like the dill pickle flavor TWANG the best; I'm not surprised that people in Texas sprinkle it on dill pickles -- just like putting catsup on tomatoes, right? The lemon-lime flavor makes me gag, I'm afraid. I had suspected a psychoactive ingredient, but haven't been able to pin it down through my extensive bio-assay.

The little whirlwind guy is pictured on the 1.5 oz. TWANG dispenser (which is quite spiffy).

Love the art cars too. Must've been a great caravan, given how people react to weirdness in the nether regions of Texas.

(I've since moved back to California and re-assumed one of my alternate identities...)


From: Fred
Subject: Deuce: Polemic, Eccentric, or Instigator?

I'm not entirely sure myself, but I know I like it.

After nearly busting an O-ring while reading your pages, I can say that your site has infected me with some kind of urge to Do Something. I'll let you know more about it as I find out myself. Perhaps it's the avocation thing you were talking about. Your words were definitely not lost on me.

Although I was in a 120F-heated rush to get the hell out of town, one of the things I truly miss is hanging out with you, whether it's at Subway, Spork and Fever, or the womb-like comfort of Command Post Deuce. It's a shame we spent most of the time griping about dames, though.

If you ever need web space, a job, or a kidney, just let me know.

actually, fred, i need a space kidney. can you help a guy out?

From: Harry Leverette
Subject: Whip It Good!

Nevertheless, hello... Philo had already sent Penny a transcript of the Twang thang, who read it aloud to a hysterical audience. The page is even better!

Your piece on the Art Car Weekend is awesome! I have never seen anyone crank out +40 web pages so fast. I have to admit to being a tad jealous that Cardhouse gets to showcase the story, but webs are for making links and that's cool, too! When we get our Roadside Attractions section going, we'll have a much better link to go with the one we have now.

The way art cars connect with the archetypal and other things of that nature never ceases to amaze me. Whip It did it good! People are still buzzing about the Herb Albert whipped cream car - it seems that this record looms large in everyone's childhood! Jennifer McKay at the Orange Show wanted to give Whip It first place!

Please let us know as you add new stuff to your "Special Universe." We'd like to make mention of that on our site as it rolls out.

From: Gary Glenn
Subject: who? what?

Stumbled across your web page... thought the art cars saga was one of the best things I've ever seen on the web. Well-written, funny, not too full of it(your)self.

Who are you, what are you about?

i am deuce, and i'm about to become ill

From: (Joe Ault)
Subject: nice work...

Nice chronicle of your journey to Houston this year - very entertaining.
Great work on Whip It!, of course...

The photo used in ""
made me think of an alternate title: "Living in Fear of Open Flame"... ;-)

I did a "temporary" art car (based on my daily driver) a couple years ago, and I've been thinking of putting a serious one together. I'd like to drive something to Houston next year - looks like a riot...

From: Deuce of Clubs
To: Mark Simple
you can send to for craft stick ZANYNESS

>From: Mark Simple
>To: Deuce of Clubs
>What the hell does this mean?

"you" = mark
"can" = is able to
"send" = e-mail
"to" = conjunction
"" = internet e-mail address
"for" = conjunction
"craft stick" = 1,000 for $1.99!
"ZANYNESS" = lucille ball

hope that clears things up

From: Howie
Subject: Re: full art car scoopage

whip it nothing--where is it? More like world wide wing nut. Freek! I can't believe you recommend all those books. Wagner is not the only one who is missing a part of his head--get some help!

From: Vernon Stoltz
Subject: nice web site

I've been noticing your name the past few years in Lady Kathy's fine zine. I was at work wasting time on the Web, did a search and somehow ended up with your page and your art car escapades.

Truly the most entertaining thing I've seen on the Web in quite a while. Congrats. Are you familiar with the 'Exotica' record mail list? It's full of people (among them Candi Strecker) who are into those old 'lounge records' and a recent thread concerns 'Whipped Cream.' Would you object if I mention your site to the members on that list?

I remember being at this huge warehouse record sale, where an auction house was selling off all the used records from the various estate sales they had. They must have had about 40 boxes full of the EZ category itself. A fond memory of that sale was a little boy, about 5-6 years old, going through the boxes and pulling out every single 'Whipped Cream' album and putting them into a single box. Why?? Because they were there, I guess.

Every now and then I think about doing a mosaic tile representation of the cover across an entire wall of my house. Where I would get the various green hues of tile I don't know, but the idea does comfort me.

Hope to check more of your Web site later once again, congrats.

From: Java Man
Subject: ArtBike

Very very nice, you've made me green.

Pedaler, rather than peddler, no?
Or are you selling your art as well as riding it?

Out of curiosity, was ArtBike at the same locale?

Maybe if I learned to read instead of merely looking at the pictures I would have found this out already...

From: Bruce Rhodewalt
Organization: Tiki Publishing:
Subject: Whipped Cream

Mr. D,

It took me two days to get through the Art Car site, but it was worth it. Thank you.

I am about 78% convinced I need to do a little documentary (www) of the Whipped Cream phenomenon, including research about the model, the band, the artist, the LP's success, etc. I am writing to you for these things:

1) Permission to link to you,

2) Direction to get me going on my research,

3) Any reason why I should stop right now.


By the way, my mom owned every TJB album (until Herb began singing) except "Going Places." When I was a writer for the L.A. Herald Examiner in the early '80s, I interviewed Herb. Boy, I wish I had asked him about that album.

Subject: Whoa!!

Hey --

Wow, we actually got somebody to e-mail us! Surprise, surprise, we actually read your message on our computer at work. Dale, Kurt and I work (kind of) together at the Guild of American Luthiers which is a non-profit organization for stringed instrument makers. When not being the hot rock and roll stars we are (like playing to 30 people in Tempe AZ) we assist in publishing the Guild's quarterly magazine and fill all the orders that roll in.

Actually meeting Wagner was one of the high points of our trip. It was also great to finally meet you too. I'll get Tim (our boss, GT producer and in-law) to help me check out your home page in the next few days. This is something I do need assistance with. We'll look forward to seeing photos of us with Wagner so keep us posted when that happens. Kurt really missed out.

Nothing much to report band-wise. The rest of our West Coast jaunt went well. Eventually I'll probably post some photos we took along the way. When we played San Francisco we ended up putting Jello Biafra (that Dead Kennedys guy) on our guest list. We spread that around to all punk rock friends. This impressed them so much that our rating has been upgraded from total nerds to kinda dorky. We are still working on our next album. It should be to the Estrus label at the end of the month but then it takes about 3 months after that. We'll be letting everybody know the details on our page when we finalize the whole thing.

That's it from here. Thanks for keeping in touch. The guys say hi.

Your friend,
Bon/Girl Trouble

From: Cathy
Subject: load me up!!!!

i want to hear "Cockeye"!!!!
Please upload to this web page.!
Thank you.
Cat Thompson

From: Cathy
Subject: Re: cockeyed art cars

i found your site through an ad in WIRED magazine..there is an ad for the artcars in the October '97 issue right corner. its about the wWestFest in 'bout that! ..i went into vawala!!

i found have a new fan..!..

i dont have an art car...but...i have been thinking about it..
by the way..your car is awesome!
I am living in Pittsburgh, PA..right now..i am here for school..
art school that is....i am majoring in Computer Animation and Multimedia....

Do you think the fest will head to the East Coast? that would be great to start one in Pittsburgh..! i will have to ask harry about it..thank you..maybe things will work out.!

who knows..if the artcars come to pgh.. maybe you could come!


From: Mark Anthony Burns
Organization: Cargo/Headhunter Music Inc.
Subject: cockeye page

You sir are a Deadbolt VIP. Now soldier, are you just going to sit there on your ass reading e-mail? Or are you going to add a little sin to the world today? Huh? Well, what is it Punk?!?!?! A man or a mouse? Where are you located?

From: Kelly Lyles
Organization: Grrraphics, Incorporated
Subject: cockeyed world

I forgot to tell you the good stuff.Now you will really be dangling...Last night @ painting session,filling them in on BM,your costume/bike etc,Jana told me she used to babysit for the orig.Whip It wmn in Bellevue!Native American,built like a clothes Hanger,had a tiny baby whose head fit in a teacup,signed albums photos around the house,all the neighborhood boys drooling.Quit wiggling,I'm trying to get name,#,any details.

From: JWilli1130
Subject: Aha

So, you want to know who is Cockeye? Me too, I emailed Deadbolt and R.A. McClean threatened to fire bomb my house, yeeesh! I'll tell you right now, they are one of my fav-o-rite bands. Classic. Thanks for sending in this site. John W.

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