Thank you for calling Motel 6, how can I help you?

Hi, how much is it for a room for one person?

$47.39 would be the total.

$47.39. Now, I'm curious: I pass the signs a lot--is this the Motel 6 on Indian School & the freeway?


A lot of times the signs have different prices on them.

The sign is the price without tax included. $42.95 is the price--


--and that's the price on the sign, but then, after tax, it comes to $47.39

No, but what I mean is, though, one of the signs will say $42, the other says something else.

There's two here. There's two different Motel 6s here.

Oh, really!

Right now we're about the same price, though.

Yeah. They're $42.99; you're $42.95. You're four cents different. So, there's two of you, eh?

Yeah. They're gonna be joined as one, but it's probably not gonna happen till sometime in March.

Why would you have different prices, though?

We don't run the place, corporate does. You'd have to ask them.


It's a corporate-run place, so they decide on the rates & everything.

I always found that really curious, because you were always within three dollars.

I don't know. They just tell us what to charge & we charge it.

That answers that mystery. Thanks!

You're welcome. Bye-bye.