The Struckus house, in Woodland Hills, is the final house designed by Bruce Goff.
At first, it looked strangely familiar . . .

Mr. Struckus died, so the house is on the market--and at a reduced rate, too. Very reduced. Claudia, the realtor was very nice to us, showed us around & told us all about the place. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind house & have some money to spread around, you should give Claudia a call. The family wants to sell to someone who will appreciate the house as a Goff house (read: someone who won't decide to cover the place in stucco or something).
When I gave her a popsicle stick, Claudia mentioned that the Struckus family always referred to the thin, rounded beams sticking out from the top of the house as popsicle sticks.