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They wasn't afraid of setting the forest a fire this time

Opal Simpson just about froze to death

Alice had up and left Wendell Simpson again

I am proud to learn you enjoy the column of Burton

It bad when one had to go to town to see the neighbors

This has been upside down week for Louie and Opal Simpson

Opal and Louie Simpson run out of gas

Simpson's was all that was to Burton

Louie and Opal Simpson had a sick cow

Louie Simpson stuck a nail in his foot

The Simpson boys had got them a yo yo

Reese Simpson stepped on another nail

We never are satisfied with what we want

The Simpsons had to go in town

Louie and Opal Simpson hasn't got stuck

These Simpson boys and Mother and Daddy was out throwing snow balls

Not getting the Burton News

They sure can be a pain in the neck when it is that a way

If you ever seen one happy boy that Floyd Simpson was happy

Well this Wednesday was no different than other Wednesday's / There goes our Prayer Meeting again / There was error in last week paper. I said there was only 6 weeks. There was 8 more weeks. Now there is 7 weeks.

Eugene Simpson kicked a cow

Floyd Simpson is kindly excited about graduating in about four more weeks. Sure hope he does.

Chris Simpson had quite a breaking out. The doctor call it hives. But believe me, he was broke out. / If there is not one thing, there is something else.

One of those cats that climbs over mud

Chris Simpson stuck a cactus in his foot

Joe Boring is home on leave / Bernece Simpson had such a headache she hardly knew what she was doing

There was some business that was needed to be done

Floyd Simpson says high school is more fun than grade school

Sorry to hear about Mrs. Ima Rotten / Sometimes I think I want to put my head farther back under my wing

Reese Simpson brought in his game that he had killed a mouse

If there was more folks like all of you this world would be a better place to live

The Real Simpsons

These are the chronicles of the real Simpsons (or "Simpson's," when we follow Opal's usage). They lived in Burton, Arizona, near Show Low, Arizona. Opal Simpson wrote a weekly column of the doings at Burton (population: maybe a dozen or so, give or take).

Cast of Characters

Opal Simpson (nee Henderson): the Dick Wick Hall of Burton, Arizona. Where nobody danced, that we know of, because Burton was a Baptist town. Wife of

Louie Simpson: Husband of Opal Simpson and inventor of the 364-day flu, the remaining day being set aside for stepping-on-nails-and-cactus practice, a skill (as documented by Opal Simpson) evidently skipping one Simpson generation, consisting of

The Simpson children: Vera, Eugene, and Wendell, and maybe Denny, but being liberally inherited among the next, which is to say,

The Simpson grandchildren: Cheryell, Marva, Reese, Floyd, Chris, and maybe Mary, Machell (sometimes Michell), and Carlilla -- we're not sure.

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A Note on the Text

Note: The text is difficult to read.

What is Not Clear

There could be messages to be found here, but you might have to work at it, because they may be beneath the surface. In addition, the text is difficult to read.

Antepenultimate Section Heading

(This section intentionally left blank.)

Something Else Not Clear

As of this writing (27jun2002), the largest wildfire in Arizona history menaces Burton, Arizona, as well as Show Low and the rest of the White Mountains. Whether the words of Opal Simpson are posted here in celebration or in memoriam is not yet manifest. [Answer: Celebration. Wahoo.]

What is Clear

These columns were published in the White Mountain Eagle (1956-74) in the years 1972 and 1973. They record things that happened to real people in and around the town of Burton, Arizona.

Most of the contents of the world's newspaper archives might justly be labeled "Stuff That Seemed Important At The Time." The future can decide for itself, but Burton News still seems important to me.

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