More Puzzling Phone Fun with Daniel P.

As some of you will remember, Daniel P. is the guy with the puzzling phone demeanor, who answered the middle-of-the-night phone call in Albequerque during the 1997 West Coast Art Car Caravan. Here he contacts the makers of Nescafe on a goodwill mission of love or something.
Hello? I got this number off the back of the Nescafe Hazelnut drink. Um . . . your drink is very good . . . first of all . . . thank you.


Yeah, yeah. I just wanted to call & let you know that. I'm on a road trip, and, um, I'm pretty far away from . . . a lot of things . . .now. In fact, I'm in a phone booth, um . . . quite far from a lot, and the Nescafe drink is very, very refreshing out here, and, um, I think you guys should know that, because you guys are really making a good product. And the cans--I mean, the cans are, like, really, really, thick cans, and so they really hold up well, so. . . .

Yeah, they're steel.

They're steel, huh?


How do you make a steel can?

I'm not sure how to make one.

Really? You guys are doing a really good job. You guys are doing such a . . . You guys are doing a really good job with this product, and um, it's just a very good feeling to be out here with this, and um, I just want to thank you.

Okay, well, what I'd like to do for you since you're out on the road, perhaps you'd like to [she asks for his address & the bar code from the can--probably for Mark-of-the-Beast-type purposes or whatever.]

It's just a bar code number. Okay, here we go. Okay? Am I going to be on file now?

We'll just record your comments.

[They wrangle over the bar code]

I see a st-- yeah, it is made of steel, I see the little logo, like right underneath the bar code.

What store was this purchased at?

Well, I don't know, but we're . . . it was purchased at a store . . . we're . . . at a phone booth . . . very . . . we're at a phone booth about fifteen miles in from the Mojave Desert, and there's nothing else--

Is it the first time you've purchased it?

It's the first time I've purchased it and, and, and . . . I've called you from here.

May I have your first name?

Elfin. E-L-F-I-N.


That's right.

And your last name?

Jackson. J-A-C-K-S-O-N.

May I have your address?

[Gives address and telephone number.]


I'll give you that other number, because that's probably the more important number. 760. That's the area code. 733-9969. [NOTE: This, in case you hadn't guessed, is the number of the Mojave Phone Booth.] And you could call me back today, if you need to. If they need anything more.

We wouldn't need to call you back. We have your address.

Okay! Thank you . . . thank you for your . . . thank you for your product.