On the Hook
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I was unable to learn what this was about.
This ad was in the 3/22/98 Arizona Republic. Maybe someone will see the show & pass on the explanation.

Addendumb (4/6/98): Caught the show on tape--Monty's the coolest. Wish I'd met him.

(That West Point building's gotta be an old Whiting Bros. station, doesn't it?)
But I was learning the game. I had felt sorry for Bill & his 3-day stay--then took his place. I had tried to leave three times, but there had been no replacement. So on Wednesday, when Dennis told me Whip It! was fixed, I said that couldn't be--where was my replacement?

Dennis pointed to the blue vehicle behind Whip It! (see photo). Active had towed it in while I was combing Needles thrift stores.

When I saw that poor vehicle, I knew I was finally free. New meat had come in--and I was off the hook.