West Point Auto

If your car ever conks in or around Needles, California, we heartily recommend West Point Auto.
Hats off to Dean & Dennis, who went out of their way to get Whip It! (& Wagner) out of their hair! (See how persistent we are? It took three days to get rid of us.)
We also recommend Active Towing to any broken-down East Mojave travelers--mainly because they're pretty much the only game in town! But they were good guys, too.

You are wondering what that statue of Wagner has to do with Needles, California. You are wondering whether those are Herb Alpert albums all over that 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne. You are wondering: "Well ... how did I get here?"

Excellent question, Mr. David Byrne. Because you are such a big star, here's your answer.