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Those Unbelievable Believers:
The Blessed Sounds of
Incredible Christian Song Demos

Treasures in Heaven
Hot Summer Nights
That's Peculiar!
I Am A Man; What Does That Mean?
Jesus Is About to "Rap" This Up
Oh Lord (Intro)
O Nightingale
Awr Gawd Izz An Awrsum Gawd
We Are the Champions (of God)
His Eye Is on the Sparrow
Christ in Me Is To Live
Chock Full of Love
Satan, You Lost, Lost, Lost
Soul Saved Tonight
Amazing Grace
We Want to Fish for Men
God, Give the Devil the Measles
Holy Jerusalem
Come Back, America!
The Safe Sex Is Just a Fantasy Rap
Want More of a Tangy Yangy Yang
Thank You, God


Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

Those Unbelievable Believers:
The Blessed Sounds of
Incredible Christian Song Demos

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#06 — "Oh, Lord" (with artist intro) (6:28)

Humility is Job One with this composer: for his deeply felt spiritual song he wants only one million dollars.

And Mista Xtian Rekkid Cumpnee Man says:
"Oh, Lord."

Not tangentially in the least, the composer does mention that he is a patient. Though he does not say in exactly what sort of institution he is a patient, I am sure we could come all up with some guesses and that they would probably all be the exact same exactly correct guess.

You have to feel sorry for the fellow inmates of this composer. Regular subjection to earnest howling just cannot be conducive to healing of any sort. The moral of the story must be: don't call anyone a Jimmy Swaggart. It might cause them to record ridiculous gospel songs. Someone once called Jimmy Swaggart a Jimmy Swaggart, and look what happened to him.

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Good afternoon, Word Records! I got the right song, now, so I'm tryin' this recordin' over one more time. Uh, name of the song is "Oh, Lord," and it'd go good with piano, I believe. It has to have a soloist, or a, maybe a choir'd be good with it. Name of it's "Oh, Lord," like I say, and uh, maybe you could save that choir for the backups and have your soloist do the main lines. I'll send you a copy of it, also. Uh. You'll have that, there. Reason why I sent you all my music is because, um, I'm in this hospital here and, uh, friends joke around, smart-alecs joke around and stuff, and this guy called me a crook and Jimmy Swaggart and it just hurt my feelins, 'specially after, um, praying to see this girl two days in a row and never gettin' a chance to see her. It'd be the Lord's will—that was my prayer. And then the third day, second or third day, he called me a crook andJimmy Swaggart, and it just hurt my feelins. I went around cryin' that evenin', didn't wanna live, didn't wanna die, didn't wanna go to heaven, didn't wanna go to hell, didn't wanna serve God, didn't wanna serve the devil, and just wanted to be left alone. And, uh, I just thought, well, maybe I am a crook. Maybe I should give this music to somebody else to do, since I can't do it myself. Uh, but this one song, maybe you can use. And um, I'm recordin' over some scripture that I recorded. I was, uh, borrowed a friend's tape player. I made a deal with another patient here to, uh, trade stereos, and um, record the Old Testament, start recordin' that, but the tape player messed up on me once I got Genesis 1 to 7, and I just began recording worldly music ever since. And uh [door slams], but uh, I don't think it'd hurt to record this song over it for you people, uh. Everybody knows the Old Testament, and if they don't, they could pick up a new, old, King James Version and read it. Uh, the name of this song is called, "Oh, Lord," and if you use a guitar, the notes are A, double-A bass, D, D-treble, seventh fret, ring finger, second string, um, B string, uh, F note with the middle finger, head out next between, uh, little finger [fiddles with strings] and the middle finger, there, and the eighth, and, uh, sixth fret, the fifth fret on the second and third string, with one finger holdin' 'em. [Strums] And, um, it's the eighth song of my, uhhhhh, category, here, uh, index, and, uh. It's a good song, though. It's called "Oh, Lord." Hope you like it. Hope you can use it. I just want a million for the copyrights to it, to get started, to take care of my family and buy equipment and everything, and, say I done somethin', you know, and give the glory to God for it. No problem there. He gets all the glory. For everything I've got. For the givin' it to me. Appreciate him for it. And uh. You might use a guitar on this, but the piano would seem to come in on [Strums] on that part, whatever that chord—some kinda C, A . . . E. C. [Strums] And I'll just play it, and see if you like it, see if you can use it. If you can, use it, [I'll] take a million for it. Here you go.

[Spoken:] Piano. Right there.

I know a story you must know
Ain't really new, but then it ain't really old
Anyone can summarize it in just two words
Oh Lord
Oh Lord

Slept in a manger, oh what a King
Born of a virgin
No mystery
Holy Ghost is Father
Of Thee we sing
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord

None of us are holy
No one has come close
[Spoken:] D minor, down there
At the time [was since then?]
Oh, what a host
Come down an' showed us
How not to roast
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord

Treasures in Heaven (Intro)Hot Summer NightsThat's Peculiar!I Am A Man; What Does That Mean?Jesus Is About to "Rap" This UpOh Lord (Intro) O NightingaleAwr Gawd Izz An Awrsum GawdWe Are the Champions (of God)His Eye Is on the SparrowChrist in Me Is To LiveChock Full of LoveSatan, You Lost, Lost, LostSoul Saved TonightAmazing GraceWe Want to Fish for MenGod, Give the Devil the MeaslesHoly JerusalemCome Back, America!The Safe Sex Is Just a Fantasy RapWant More of a Tangy Yangy YangThank You, God

Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

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