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Incredible Christian Song Demos

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Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

Those Unbelievable Believers:
The Blessed Sounds of
Incredible Christian Song Demos

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#18 — "Holy Jerusalem" (3:31)

Research has not yet been able to confirm whether this song was composed by a student of the work of Laurie Anderson who didn't quite get the hang of swiping certain aspects of Anderson's act. But be sure and stay for the ending. You'll wish they still had those home organ shops in the malls, with the cheesy organ salesmen playing pop tunes to bouncy rhythmic accompaniment. Do they still have those? (Research—that is, my lazy ass—has not yet been able to confirm that, either, mainly because I haven't yet become someone who goes to malls and could therefore do the field work on that.)

W A R N I N G :

If at some time in the past you have already listened to Kali Bahlu's "Cosmic Telephone Call," then "Holy Jerusalem" may cause you to scratch out your other eye.

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[ ? ]
Well, we all can live in true joy and peace
Through God's Son['s] resurrection
So God loved the world
Sending Jesus to what was lost
To save and give them all

Holy Jerusalem
It comes down from heaven
The most beautiful town
With gates of pearls, streets of gold and glass
[?] wall of precious stones
Yes, a most beautiful town
Made of God
Filled with laughing songs of joy
No use for the light
Jesus Christ changed that
Jesus Christ shines there
God did not send his Son to condemn
But to save
[ ? ] it comes down and [be?] there

Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

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