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Grand Cru



This beauty was waiting for me in Arizona once I got back from the Great Burning Man Journey of Aught Six:

Gadzooks . . . Banjook!



(Did I say that already?)

Well, so, yeah, then. Banjook.

You will recall the fabulous Sancho Panzer. The Banjook is another fine Russ Kemner / Sonny Daze original. I love me the banjo ukuleles. I do.

Appropriately (if you're me, which I am), this instrument is Numero 23 (see The 23 Enigma).

This Banjook is named Grand Cru. Grand Cru is a sleek . . .

. . . yet moon-faced little Cubana:

Grand Cru is also a wine term that means "great growth." Most importantly, Grand Cru is a type of Cuban cigar, and part of the body of this Grand Cru banjo ukulele happens to be made from a Punch Grand Cru cigar box.

I'm not a cigar smoker, but I can't think of any legitimate reason why arguments among idiots—this is to say, politicians—should prevent people anywhere from buying cigars from or selling cigars to people anywhere else. I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that at least Cuban cigar boxes are still legal in the U.S.

I suppose further that it is more or less predictable that this small freedom does not make me feel all that fortunate.

Howsomever. . .

. . . Grand Cru the Banjook definitely makes me feel fortunate.


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