Day-twah Vogg-nah
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Rosie Grier enjoys his road to PBR
The highway to private is paved with government harassment. Tyree Guyton (whom you might have heard referred to as the "polka-dot man" or some such) converted the abandoned houses and fields on Heidelberg Street into works of art that have collectively come to be known as the Heidelberg Project.
The Heidelberg Project has survived two bulldozer attacks from the city.

"Politicians who presented Guyton awards when it suited their political purposes, like the Spirit of Detroit Award and the Michigan Governor's Arts Award, now call the art garbage."

Someone must have clued in the politicians that Guyton's artworks were implicitly critical of them.

Polka Dot House
The city finally seems to have cried uncle. Guyton keeps working.
The O.J. House is eventually to be redubbed "The House That Makes Sense." It will be covered with 384,000 pennies (cents).
Guyton has artistified a whole section of the short Heidelberg Street (scroll to the right to see the rest):


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