Wagner Advance!
As usual, W begins attracting attention. This time, however, it's attention of a different kind--it's his profile. ("As if that's unusual," huffs W. "My profile has been called `classic!'")

Not that kind of profile. This kind of profile.

I have no idea what kind of profile W could possibly fit that would draw official interest. Nevertheless, he came under Official Goon Scrutiny as soon as he landed in Atlanta:

Goon Agent: "What would you say, Mister...`Wagner'...if I asked to take look inside your little black bag there?"

Wagner: "Since we're talking hypotheticals here, I would say you could kiss my ASS--if I had an ass."

That remark instantly gets W frog-marched to a behind-the-scenes Federal grilling room. That is, if it's possible to frog-march someone who has no arms. (But I don't want to talk hypotheticals...there may be Agents on the WWW.)

Wagner Advance!