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While We're Talking About Hot Water

This is The Phoenician, the Scottsdale luxury hotel formerly owned by convicted swindler Charles Keating. I worked here as a banquet waiter for a single evening, which was all it took to convince me this wasn't where I needed to be hanging out (actually, it took about twenty minutes, if that long).

I never got paid for my one-night stand; the check bounced. When I complained, they issued another. It bounced, too. Then the Feds swept in and took Mr. K away. For once, I applauded a Federal action. (I think anyone who swindles people out of their savings--especially old people--should be done away with.)

(I later talked with someone who had worked for Keating, and who had been convinced of his innocence--until he learned that Keating had pulled his own money out and let his investors burn. Grrrr.....)