First Annual ArtKar WestFest 1997

Whip It! in the ArtKar Lot

(Thanks to Paul "PontiWreck" de Valera for the photo.)
Whip It! had a space right underneath a couple of freeway overpasses, making it a cool spot to hang out. Not that I spent much time there--mostly I wandered around elsewhere, but when I was there I met lots of interesting people.
I've seen Mao blouses and Manson t-shirts. But never had I seen Aleister Crowley pajamas.
The Cow Goddess came by to bestow her blessing upon Herr W.

(Click on the photo to take a closer look at the Goddess's stylin' footwear)

I also ran into the "You guys are too CIA for me, man!" gonzo skater character we hung with briefly at Burning Man. He occupied himself during one of WestFest's musical performances by trying to knock over a folding chair with his skateboard.