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Cadillac Ranch

We walked out to the Caddys & began taking photos. When the Germans arrived, they made us recreate that touching human moment by going back to our cars & walking back out again. (These recreations kept recurring on the trip. Even at the Orange Show the day before we returned, some TV host, seeing me taking Wagner photos, would say, "Do that again," whereupon I would pretend to click the shutter.)
Of course I had to have a small measure of revenge. When we returned to our cars, the Germans went out to film the Caddys alone. When they returned, I said to Klaus (the reporter), "Listen, could you walk back out there and then back here again? We need to get it on film." "No, I don't sink ve can do zat," he protested. I had to explain that I was joking. I love Germans.
As I wrote Hochste Lust on the Caddy, Klaus asked, "Why do you do zis?" "These are the last words from Tristan und Isolde," I answered. "I know zat!" Klaus said, and began to sing them. "But why do you do zis?" he asked again, this time for the cameras. "Do what?" I answered (to the amusement of the other Caravan denizens, who can't imagine, any more than I can, a sufficient answer to such a question). "Write on a Cadillac in the ground? Take pictures? Carry a statue of Wagner around? Drive a car covered with record albums halfway across the country?"
Klaus and Wagner do a duet as ersatz Rutger Hauer (at right) hopes for an encore.
A celebration of Richards past
This was my favorite graffito at Cadillac Ranch. In place of "I Love Jenny," or some such, some romantic vandal opted for the less committal, "Jenny is Cute." You have to admire the honesty.
As shadows fall, Duke's ferret works to improve international relations.
Want to see a few video captures the Germans put on their show, Mein Amerika?
Thought so!

Random Cowboy

At Cadillac Ranch we met this moto-cowboy who said he used to date Stanley Marsh III's daughter. He loved the Caravan; his first response was, "This is cool! Are we gonna be on America's Most Funniest Home Videos?" He asked us to wait for his wife to show up. When she did, he told her, "We're gonna be on German TV! Ain't that right?" "Well, let's put it this way," I answered. "If you're not, you're never gonna find out about it, right?"

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