Autographed copies of Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth are now available!
Kris found this note in the Booth. After interviewing me, a Denver radio station offered $1,000 to the first of their listeners to go to the Booth & telephone back to the station. (Yeah, & where's my cut??)
We found another strange message -- it was in a bottle. No, really. It was really in a bottle. And here it is:
[In case you find it illegible: "Vance & Lara were here 5/16/98 in pursuit of the pool -- chased by herds of wild donkeys -- over hill & dale & Mojave River Rd we struggled. Only to arrive too late. Someone had rescued the fucking pool. We are bummed, & surrounded by braying burros. They are coming to take us away ha ha. Buried here is a magical railroad spike. Return it to us -- contact Vance or Lara -- we will reward you.]
Well, Vance & Lara, I have the magical railroad spike & sent you both e-mail, but haven't heard from you... Donde esta El Recompensa?!?