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Here's one of our favorite visitors, Mark G. of the Evolution Control Committee. We'd been wanting to meet for a while. (Longtime Deuce of Clubs readers will remember Mark as the brains behind the "Whipped Cream Remixes," which married Public Enemy and Herb Alpert.) Mark came bearing gifts -- and how!

Mark donated many delightsome wonders:

Stickers of noble sentiment.

Mild-mannered 8-track by day ...

... ass-jumpin' Gunderphonics cassette by night!

Obviously, Mark is a master of obsolete technology relic recycling. Look how he uses an old 5.25" floppy diskette case & sleeve as CD packaging for an ECC release.

Mark also donated a copy of his famous "Rocked by Rape" 45 (featuring Dan Rather).

Here's an expired-film Polaroid portrait of Wagner.
Photo by Mark Gunderson/ECC