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Another bountiful visitor: Father Ratbite LaRue, worldwide spiritual leader of Enigmatists worldwide, stops in to seek audience with Wagner.

(Father LaRue is the only cleric to known to have taken Wagner photos on an independent-study basis.)

Father LaRue, St. Lucy, Aunt Janie, and Wagner celebrate having their picture taken.

It is evidently quite an occasion.

Sacred Disorder of the Enigmata Neighborhood Watch Warning Sign.

(This is called Title Case.)

With great interest, Wagner examined Father LaRue's instructive book of photographs of bars and a lawn ornament.
Capturing the modern predicament in a phrase: it's an art form.

Who couldn't use boxes of these?

Father LaRue offered Wagner many dispensations: Trauma Insulator, Remorse Remover, Animal Enigmatism, Enigmaterialization, Enigmacentric Endowment, and Enigmatic Exfoliation Kit.

The Trauma Insulator will be the most treasured. (What we really need, notes Wagner, is not a coupon, but a freaking punch card.)