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He's not bluffing. He's got the Deuce.

Flipped the channel the other day and at the instant I hit USA Network there was a serendipitous Deuce of Clubs onscreen. Immediately following was a serendipitous Willie Nelson. Serendipity Deuce!

It turned out to be the program Monk, and fortunately the same episode replayed a few days later.

Player 1: So, it's up to me. Three dollars.

Willie Nelson: Well, I think you're trying to buy it. I don't think you got that Deuce.

Monk: He's not bluffing.

Nelson: What? It's okay, it's a friendly game.

Monk: He's not bluffing. He's got the Deuce.

Monk's friend: Fold.

Nelson: I'll fold. What have you got?

Nelson: I owe you one for that.

Player 1: How did you know that?

Monk: When you looked at your card, you started to hum that song "Deuces Wild" from the Yesterday's Wine album.



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