Cream Team 2: Art Car Weekend 98
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Met a cool tow truck driver in El Paso. I ask if he'd like to follow me to Phoenix. "Sure man! I'd go to Phoenix!" He's from Las Cruces and says he'll keep an eye out for me on the way there. I just want to get Whip It! out of Texas. I have the idea she'll be okay once she leaves Texas.

The moment we crossed the border into New Mexico, I felt suddenly relaxed. The tow truck driver passes me just before Las Cruces & gives the thumb's-up. Whip It! is running strong.

Six or seven miles from the border, she stutters again. I start thinking (a dicey proposition even in the best of times). Whip It! has broken down in all the western states she's visited, except one: New Mexico. I'm hoping Whip It! isn't a completist. The sun is straight through the windshield.

Mini poem: Driving into the sun / Is not fun.

All else aside, it really has been a beautiful day: nice & cool, not too stressful. Which is to say, not like yesterday. I think it's a good exercise to drive hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles with no music, no talking, only one's own brain waves for company. You'd be surprised, the things you think up.

Just as the sun is setting, Whip It! crosses the border into Arizona. I have an irrational belief that all shall be well.