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What, it's not enough to rip off Burning Man ... they have to rip off Governor Hunt's tomb, too?

Burning Scam

The Fuhrership of the city of Tempe is known for having no original ideas, but this is ridiculous: steal the design for the grand entrance to their latest boondoggle, Tempe Town Fake Lake, from Burning Man, of all things?

If there were any sense on this stupid website, there'd be a good photo of Burning Man here, so that you could see the resemblance for yourself.

Um ... anyone got a good photo of Burning Man?

No, I mean, really. If anyone has a daytime photo of Burning Man with his arms up, please contact Deuce of Clubs.

(Yeah, yeah, they raise Burning Man's arms only for the burn, which is at night, which means his head would probably not be visible. Well, they might have tested the arm-raising at some point. I'm fishing here!)

... and speaking of Burning Scam Man, check out Dr. Cliff's light comic feature, Burning Man is Dead.